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The best there is

We deliver the highest quality climate consulting and geoengineering services in the world.  We are taking you higher than any other geoengineering or weather modification company in the world could ever dream of with our Hydro Master™, Ion Correlator™, and Weather Dominator™ technologies. 100% success rate.  P.S.  Make sure you spell out Coecain to your friends when telling them about us.

Hitting peaks

If you want climate change and global warming to end, or your country has a drought that needs to be broken, call Coecain Climate Consulting and Geoengineering at 870-351-0139 for a 100% pure quote.

Experienced Dealer

Our founder, Thomas Coe, has 7 years in field work testing climate changes and geoengineering events such as:  local area cooling, regional area cooling, cold front guidance, high pressure system removal/guidance, low pressure formation/guidance and control, and hurricane formation and control.  

Stock in The Coecain Company (a future endeavor)

The Coecain Company brand is set to form soon in the future.  We will focus on fishing/creek restoration and organic and GMO-free agriculture as we believe food is the future.  We will have several companies in various disciplines (research Coecain trademarks for the various disciplines).  

We are offering to show everyone how to do everything to control the weather when we are paid $100 billion.  Those who give will be rewarded by 1 gift of stock in the Coecain company per $1 given to show everyone how to control the weather.  You could get mildly to filthy rich if you give.

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