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We deliver the highest quality climate consulting and geoengineering services in the world.  We are taking you higher ℠  than any other weather modification company in the world could ever dream of with our Hydro Master℠ , Ion Correlator℠ , and Weather Dominator℠  technologies. 100% success rate.  P.S.  Make sure you spell out Coecain to your friends when telling them about us.

Hitting peaks


If you want climate change and global warming to end, or your country has a drought, heat wave, etc. that needs to be broken, call Coecain Climate Consulting at 870-351-0139 for a 100% pure quote.  We travel and offer our services worldwide.  We offer packages from $2,000,000 to $1+billion.

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Our founder, Thomas Coe, has 7 years in field work testing climate changes and geoengineering events such as:  local area cooling, regional area cooling, cold front guidance, high pressure system removal/guidance, low pressure formation/guidance and control, and hurricane formation and control.  

Besides climate consulting, we are focused on fishing/creek restoration and organic and GMO-free agriculture as we believe food is the future, however, we offer many other services also.  Call us or use the contact page to see if we're servicing an area you need servicing in.  

Other Products/Services for Sale/Offer


Coecain T-shirt

 COECAIN™  T-shirts- $20 USD.  Size Small to 5X.  $3 added for sizes 3X and above.  Shipping and Handling included in the price of the shirt to the continental 48 states.  $18+ is added for international orders. 

Call 870 351 0139 to order this item.  If we don't answer, use the contact page and we will get back with you as soon as possible on how to pay for this item. 

Weather Modification Materials

Coecain Weather Modification Materials

COECAIN™  Weather Modification materials-$1,000/lb.  $2,000 per brick.

Sold in 2+ lb bricks.  Shipping and handling included in price.

The composition of this material is highly classified and due to the long processing times, amounts are limited, but we're gonna sell it till we sell out.  Each package has been processed over several days and is perfect for weather modification procedures.  It is mother nature's drug of choice.

Call 870 351 0139 to order this item.  If we don't answer, use the contact page to contact us and we will get back to you on how to pay for this item.

Instruction manual on how to administer/use weather modification materials properly sold separately.

Surgical Masks

Coecain Surgical Masks

COECAIN™ Surgical Masks-$6.50 per mask.  $.50 drop in price/mask for every 10 masks purchased up to 50 masks.  Shipping and Handling included in price.

Call 870 351 0139 to order this item.  If we don't answer, use the contact page and we will get back to you on how to pay for this item.

NOTE:  Not a sterile mask.

COECAIN™ Weather Modification Manual

Coecain Weather Modification Manual

Instructional Manual-$200,000  

Includes information on how to use the weather modification materials properly.  

To be purchased with the Instructional classes on how modify the weather.  Not sold separately.  Must purchase Instructional class with this manual.

Call 870 351 0139 to order this item.  If there is no answer, use contact page to contact us on how to order this item.

COECAIN™ Instructional Class on how to Interpret the Weather Modification Manual to use the Weather Modification Materials to modify the weather.


Instructional Class on how to use the Weather Modification Materials to modify the weather properly-$2,000,000/student.

A one on one class with Thomas Coe on how to interpret the weather modification manual and use the information contained within it to modify the weather properly.

Student(s) must sign release of  liability waivers before starting class releasing Coecain and Thomas Coe from any liabilities that may happen to student/be caused by student  after student has completed the class.  

Students must demonstrate they have a record of strong aptitude for self-control and regard for others before being admitted to this class.

See Instruction Manual on how to order.



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Feel free to call or text during normal business hours.  

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